“Clean & Safe”

Turismo de Portugal recognizes companies in the tourism sector that comply with the recommendations of the Portuguese Health Authority (DGS) to avoid contamination of spaces with SARS-CoV-2 (new coronavirus).
Tourist places, Tourist Entertainment companies and Travel and Tourism Agencies that have the seal “Clean & Safe Establishment” comply with the set of provisions contained in the Declaration of Commitment which is available on Turismo de Portugal’s digital platforms regarding the registration of tourist companies: National Register of Touristic Companies (RNET), National Register of Tourist Entertainment (RNAT) or National Register of Travel and Tourism Agencies (RNAVT).
Only after companies have submitted the Declaration of Commitment on the platforms above mentioned, they have the possibility to use this seal, either in your physical facilities, either in the channels and platforms for dissemination and sale.
The seal assigned to each company will be associated with its Registration number RNET, RNAA​T or RNAVT​.
Turismo de Portugal, in coordination with the competent entities, will carry out random audits of adherent establishments.
This measure, linked to the Portugal Tourism Confederation (CTP) and with contributions from other industry associations, seeks to sensitize enterprises to the minimum procedures to adopt and encourage the recovery of the tourism sector at national and international level, reinforcing everyone’s confidence in the destination Portugal and its tourist resources

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