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Rota Vicentina

Led by experienced and passionate nature guides, with Hike Time Portugal you can explore the unique natural beauty of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, discovering breathtaking landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and the rich local culture.

To cater to your preferences, Hike Time Portugal offers customized itineraries such as short hikes for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty without great effort, or even multi-day hikes for the more adventurous.

You can also explore specific themes such as local flora and fauna, the region's geology, or the history and culture of the villages along the Rota Vicentina.

Hike Time Portugal is also committed to environmental preservation and the promotion of responsible tourism, adopting environmentally friendly practices in all its activities and encouraging its customers to follow the principles of ecotourism.

Discover the Rota Vicentina with us!

Join us on an unforgettable journey along the Rota Vicentina, through the trails of the Southwest.

Hiking Trails

750 KMS


Hike Time Portugal invites you to explore the Rota Vicentina, one of the best hiking trail networks in the world, with 750 km of stunning landscapes and authentic experiences in Southwest Portugal.

Embark on breathtaking coastal trails, venture into lesser-known countryside and mountain areas, and savor the rich local culture and cuisine. Whether you're an experienced hiker or a curious explorer seeking new discoveries, we have the perfect hike for you.

We offer a range of services to make your experience on the Rota Vicentina unforgettable.

750 km of Unforgettable Adventures!

Join Hike Time Portugal and experience the magic of the Rota Vicentina!

Fishermen's Trail

Join us on an epic journey along the Fisherman's Trail, one of the best coastal trails in the world!

• Explore 13 stages and 226.5 km of pure beauty, breathtaking landscapes along the coast, with imposing cliffs, paradisiacal beaches, and breathtaking panoramic views.
• Follow in the footsteps of local fishermen along unique trails, in a true immersion in the culture and tradition of the region.
• Get ready to hike on varied terrain, an experience that will require strength, endurance, and determination.
• Enjoy the sea breeze, the birdsong, and the wild beauty of nature in its purest state. A unique opportunity to connect with the environment and with yourself.

An epic adventure!

With Hike Time Portugal, experience an unforgettable journey on the Rota Vicentina!

Historical Way

Embark on the Historical Way of the Rota Vicentina, an unforgettable journey with a 263-kilometer route divided into 13 stages, perfect for those who want to discover the tranquil rhythm of Portuguese rural life.

• Traverse charming villages and hamlets, each with its unique history and culture.
• Immerse yourself in the region's natural beauty, encompassing mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, and streams.
• Embark on a journey through time, uncovering the local traditions and rich history of the region.

In 2016, the Historical Way of the Rota Vicentina was recognized as one of the best hiking destinations in Europe by the ERA (European Ramblers Association).

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Circular Routes

Haven't taken your first steps on the Rota Vicentina yet? Hike Time Portugal is your gateway to this natural paradise, with personalized and experienced services that make your walk unforgettable.

Explore 24 Circular Trails:
• 263 km of short trails, perfect for those seeking accessible and hassle-free adventures.
• Starting and ending at the same location, an easy and practical way to make the most of your experience.
• Options for all levels of fitness, with durations between 1h30 and 5h30
• Strategically located between Santiago do Cacém and Lagos, complementing the classic routes.

What are you waiting for?

Join Hike Time Portugal and come explore these trails!

Cycling Routes

1000 KMS


Get ready to cycle through stunning landscapes and experience the thrill of exploring Southwest Portugal on two wheels! With Hike Time Portugal, you can discover the Rota Vicentina cycling trail network, a unique experience for cycling enthusiasts seeking adventure, nature, and adrenaline.

Over 1000 km of trails await you:
• MTB/Gravel: Challenge yourself on challenging trails and explore the wild beauty of the Alentejo hinterland.
• Grande Travessia: Embark on an epic adventure and cycle the entire Rota Vicentina.
• Touring Bike/Cycling: Enjoy a more leisurely pace and admire the lush nature of the Portuguese coast.

No matter your experience level or riding style, Hike Time Portugal has the perfect tour for you! Explore our website to discover the different routes available and book your unforgettable adventure on the Rota Vicentina by bike.

Unforgettable Adventures!


Reasons to Explore the Rota Vicentina with Hike Time Portugal

• Experienced and nature-loving guides will accompany you throughout the entire hike, sharing their knowledge and passion for the Rota Vicentina with you.
• Walks are carried out in small groups, personalized experience.
• We strictly follow safety and public health protocols to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable experience.
• Comfortable and welcoming accommodation in carefully selected establishments.
• Our team is always available to assist you with everything you need, from planning your hike to luggage transportation.
• Savor the local cuisine, participate in traditional activities and connect with the vibrant culture of Southwest Portugal.
• We promote responsible practices and preserve the environment.
• Extra activities such as surfing, bird watching, boat trips and much more.
• Relax and enjoy the walk without worrying about your luggage.
• We adapt our programs to your needs and pace
• We offer a complete package that includes walks, accommodation, meals, luggage transportation and travel insurance, etc.

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We offer premium experiences (hiking, mountain biking, gastronomy, culture, surfing, etc.) that will take you to stunning places in Portugal and Spain.

Our expert guides share their knowledge and passion for nature, providing moments of deep connection.

Get ready to explore and embark on spectacular trails, experiencing the magic of outdoor adventure.

Join us and discover a transformative journey with Hike Time Portugal!

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