Ancient pilgrimage routes

Ways to Fátima & Santiago

With us you can go on foot or by bicycle, with or without backpack, with or without support car, with more or less comfort.

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Hiketime - Mapa Caminhos de Santiago e Fátima

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Leave the Logistics to Us

We wait for you and take you to the beginning of your journey. During the trip, we provide you with all the necessary information so that you can enjoy your experience or pilgrimage to the fullest..

With our mobility offer you increase your options. Everything can be customized, and from our side everything is guaranteed that we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and safe, with a flexible experience, dedicated to you and your group.

We will meet you wherever you are and we provide training at your location.


Taylormade Programs

Share with us what do you wish. We will create something that will surely exceed your expectations.


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City ​​or countryside ?
Half, one or more days ?
Alone, in a group or with your family ?

Our selection of experiences is big, having safety, professionalism and respect for nature as common features.

Just Choose A Program According To Your Profile…

Walk & Share

Growth & Well-Being

Walk with an NLP Trainer and Guide, come and learn effective techniques to activate your internal resources and learn how to consistently set and achieve your goals.

You will also learn ways to help you overcome impediments and limitations, change behaviors and explore your true potential.

When you request our services you will know that we always look for the best and most interesting program for you. We guarantee many positive emotions, dedication, competence, safety and contact with the Nature.
For us, the customer always comes first, for sure you’ll appreciate the quality of our services.
We love the Nature in its essence and we feel a great responsibility for its protection and conservation, so we believe that all the tours we promote can be carried out without leaving an ecological footprint.
And because we are part of a complex ecosystem, we are strongly convinced that our experiences will make our customers, partners and employees better and more complete.

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